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PHOTOSLIVE® software solution


PhotosLIVE® Software is a purpose designed fully featured software suite for the design of photobooks and Corporate presentation books. Designed for touchscreen kiosks or PC, PhotosLIVE® is an intuitive, powerful and fully featured system. Our themes are unique in that it comes with sample photos on every page so that you can see exactly how the album should look like. You can even design your own themes with our theme designer module and sell your themes to us or to any of our PhotosLIVE® users.

Key Features

- Theme editor engine gives you complete access to personalise the software to your own design.

- Album themes, page background image, clipart libraries and any other products can be added/personalised by you.

- No click rates.

- Save a half completed album to USB/PC for future reloading and completing.

- File transmission takes place automatically in the background on completion of the album.

- Ftp server information is encrypted to prevent home users from changing it, thus guaranteeing the file is transmitted to the shop.







  • Designer

    The only frameless screen layout on the market. Perfect on a large 24" wide screen.

  • Album Selection

    Many choices of Album sizes. Ranging from A4 Portrait, A4 Landscape, 300 x 300 square, A5 landscape etc. Custom projects ie/ Banners and Calendars etc.

  • Themes

    Our themes are unique in that it comes with sample photos on each page to enable you to see exactly how the albums should look like.

  • Frame Selection

    You can choose from many frame types for special photo effects or add your own.

  • Special Effects

    Wide range of special effect such as B&W, Sepia, Mosaic, Canvas, Popart, Paint, Cartoon and Pastel for that personal touch.

  • Background Image Selection

    A large library of background images is selectable on a page by page basis or for the entire album. You can build your own library with your own designed background images.

  • Clipart Selection

    A clipart library section where you can add your own cliparts to build your own personal clipart library.

  • Font Selection

    All windows fonts are nicely displayed on a full screen so choosing the right font is so easy.

  • Move Tool

    Moving picture box around the screen is easy. Simply click and click any of the arrow buttons to move quickly or just click to move one pixel at a time.

  • Border Selection

    Wide range of borders such as round corners, star, ellipse, soft edge, corners etc and special effects. You can apply to individual or all photos.

  • Easy Trim

    Trim your photos easily with our unique trim tool. Simply click either the horizonal or vertical place to be trimmed.

  • Red Eye Removal

    Simply choose the eye colour and click an eye to make a change.

Photoslive® Additional Software Modules
  • PhotosLIVE® Theme Editor

    "You can design your own theme / templates. Create large library of backgrounds and cliparts etc to use and distribute". Add your own products such as mugs, t-shirts, banners etc to fully customise the software to suit your business.

  • PhotosLIVE® Print Monitor

    For controlling the print jobs for printing, the simple to use Print Monitor is all you need. Options include Print Preview, Print, Archive, Report and Delete.

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