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The advent of Digital Print & Digital Photography has seen many technical developments. High quality full colour print is now possible with a good quality laser or inkjet printer. Single personalised copies can be easily printed; however, turning this printed output into a high quality hard case bound photobook is another matter.

The Photobook revolution has only been possible with specialised binderies using expensive equipment to print and manufacture hard case bound Photobooks. Commencing 2007 this was the challenge that a small team of professionals in Australia undertook. The task was to produce a hard cover binding system for digital printers and photo shops that is compact, inexpensive, simple to use and that produces a unique professionally bound hard cover photo book.

The result is the PhotosLIVE® system that will revolutionise how we look at as well as think of books in the future. Now in our DIGITAL advancement, we have used the old, traditional book binding skills to great advantage and seamlessly transposed the old classic binding methods, used for centuries, into this exciting new photo book MEDIUM.

A DEVELOPMENT TEAM was established comprising -

* Team Leader - 27 years experience in paper handling system * Mechanical Engineer – 48 years experience in engineering design and development * IT Specialist – 22 years Software programming and development and integration * The bookbinder/bookrestorer leading our handbound section trained for years in a European monastery and is equipped with that all-important historic know-how.


From a detailed examination and research of all binding methods since the 15th century, it became apparent that to achieve our goal, a complete new binding method was needed. The craft of bookbinding developed with the advent of printing in the 15th century when William Caxton and Guthenburg set up the first printing presses in Britain and Europe.

Although mechanisation has changed the way most books are bound today, bookbinding using traditional techniques has interestingly undergone very little change throughout history


The Bookbinder by Jost Amman and Hans Sacks, 1568


The traditional craft survives today in a few specialist workshops scattered throughout the world. Our handbinding specialist and componet workshop is very happy to be able to incorporate these traditional skills into a product of tomorrow. This product allows anyone with a digital printer to produce high quality photo books. The result of PhotosLIVE® development equates to two simple desktop machines – DuoStitch and DuoBind. Combining these with our specially design and hand tooled hard cover cases provides the complete solution. Our binding system is now patent-protected..

PhotosLIVE® have their own manufacturing facility and offer the largest range of hard covers from standard buckrams, linen and special occasion covers, to the most beautiful handcrafted leathers all in combination with themed paper imaging and hand tooled goats skin. These books will become a lasting treasure with that unmistakable old-world character simply too sumptuous to imagine!


1Take your printed pages and stitch together at the spine using DuoStitch to permanently bind your pages together into a book block. Time taken: 15 seconds.

2Using DuoBind – Select your chosen PhotosLIVE® hardcover, which includes a special Duostrip in the spine, and lay face down on the DuoBind deck. Remove the released tape from the Duobind adhesive strip. Lay your stitched book block in position on the inside of the front cover. Close the cover and press down on the spine area. The book block and hard cover are permanently welded together using the roller. Time taken: 15 seconds. The finished result is a professionally bound Photobook or Hardcase bound book, with an "old world" quality, look and feel....


The “look and feel” of your finished Photobook or Hard Cover book depends on the quality and feel of the cover. PhotosLIVE® manufacture all their own personalised printed hard covers and offer an extensive range of cover cloths and cover types in colours and fabrics from the best French, German and Italian manufacturers in 3 different series: 1. Everyday 2. Specialties 3. Professional handcrafted leathers No matter what the special occasion PhotosLIVE® have the perfect cover for you to make your cherished memories into a professionally bound book.

EVERYDAY SPECIALTIES PROFESSIONAL Browse through our extensive cover selection, click on any to see in fine detail, actual images of how your finished cover will look – from traditional covers to personalised tooled leathers. PhotosLIVE have achieved and exceeded their original goals. The result is a revolutionary, patent pending protected, innovative photobook production system that puts the power of hard case binding into the hands of Digital printers, Photoshops, Print Rooms, etc. PhotosLIVE® will change forever the way professional book are bound. You will be amazed.


DuoBind and DuoStitch are only the beginning. Future development has already commenced in designing fully automated production systems for commercial users. Full details will be released as they become available.


PhotosLIVE® is currently establishing a network of experienced dealers and resellers internationally. PhotosLIVE® offers a total turnkey hard case binding system including Software, Hardware, and Finished Covers. Our cover choices are unlimited and can be customized to suit specific applications including library style hand crafted covers. Covers are available either directly from PhotosLIVE® or full cover making equipment can be supplied including full cover making training. Strong sales and marketing support provides real opportunity for commercialization.

We welcome your enquiry.