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The High Quality Hard Cover Book Binding System

with unlimited hard cover options you can make in-house.

DUOBIND - Strong and effective binding system

Simple and accurate hardcover book binding system. Make ONE or many books with ease. Now, anyone can make it.

DUOSTITCH - Automated page stitching system

Permanently stitch the spine together.

DUOPOD - Custom cover making made easy

Personalise your photobook and corporate hardcovers.

Out with the OLD and In with the NEW

Hardcover books are now much faster and easier to make with PhotosLIVE and more professional than a wire bound book.

PhotosLIVE® with lay-flat paper

Make stunning wedding albums with inexpensive lay-flat paper.

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The World's Fastest Hardcover Book Binding System

5 second hardcover book binding is now available
Interested in making custom covers? Visit our videos page.


How to use Duobind to bind your book block with the custom hardcover



How to use Duopod to make the hardcover


Why Choose PhotosLIVE®?

Conceived, Designed and maufactured by PhotosLVE® in Australia.

Turnkey Solution Provider

PhotosLIVE® is the only company that can offer a complete turnkey solution: Binding system, album designer software and wide range of custom made covers.

Designer Software

Coming Soon!!!


Binding System

The simple desktop binding solution producing professional hard cover bound books. DuoBind, DuoStitch and DuoPod will enable anyone to make 1 to many photobook/hardcover books instantly.

Cover Selection

In-house cover manufacturing facility produces unlmited cover options.